This site is about the SD2IEC, a modern storage device, compatible with enhanced CBM and CMD disk drives (1571, 1581 and FD-2000/4000) and also with CDM HDD and IDE64 systems.

What is the SD2IEC

SD2IEC hints and tips

With SD2IEC drives and FAT/FS-formatted SD cards, you won't need to extract programs from ZIP or D64 archives anymore. Just download and copy PRG and SEQ files to your SD card. For making multi-file archives and unpacking them directly to a SD-card, there are several self-dissolving programs, try the Vision Self Dissolving Files from the SD2IEC Compatible Software Page.

Executables listed below you can download in one archive, already prepared for a SD card. Look at the list of files.
And GAMES, of course.

File Browsers

FB1k v1.1, launcher, SJLOAD, 1024 directory entries, load files with 243 blocks - single file [PRG] - [info]
FileBrowser v2.0+, launcher, 3200+ directory entries - single file [PRG] - [info]
CBM FileBrowser v1.6, launcher - single file [PRG] - [info]
DraBrowse/Copy v1.0e, file manager - single file [PRG] - [info]
CBM Command v2.3, file manager - exec file [PRG] & config file [PRG] & help file [SEQ] - [info]
FIBR, file browser - single file [PRG] - [info] (DE)
Seabrowse v1.3c, file browser - single file [PRG] - [info]
NAV v9.6, file browser - single file [PRG] - [info]
SDbrowse v.697, file browser - single file [PRG]
SD2IEC Superdir v0.180927, file browser - single file [PRG]

System Tools

SJLOAD v0.96, software fastloader - single file [PRG] - [info]
SD2IEC Copy v1.2 - single file [PRG]
DOS Wedge/Manager v5.1/071382, shortcuts for disk operations - single file [PRG] - [info]
Utility Wedge Commands, complex wedge tool - single file [PRG] & v5.6 [PRG] - manual [TXT]
SD2IEC Snoop v0.3, information about a SD2IEC device - single file [PRG] - [info]
DOS Commander v0.5, command line tool - single file [PRG] - [info]
DOS Commander, SYS line tool - single file [PRG] - [info]
SDOS v1.1, disc utility and speedloader - single file [PRG] - manual [PDF]
EasyCLI v0.6, Easyflash command shell [CRT] - [info]
Q-Tility v1.1, single file [PRG] - manual [TXT]


SD2IEC Kernal v2.2 - [info] - [download]
JaffyDOS patcher v1.3 - info & [download]
JiffyDOS Mod for Dolphin DOS Kernal SD2IEC enhanced - [info] - [download]
JiffyDOS RAM v6.1a, exec file [PRG] - [info]
GEOS 64 v2.1e, kernal ROM image - info & [download]

Other SD2IEC compatible software: DEVS . TOOLS . PRODUCTIVITY . GAMES . etc.

Check out the system of SD2IEC devices on a modern PC, in the VICE emulator.

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